Sunday, March 8, 2009


Someone resuscitate me….I had no idea that there were any logical, rational and coherent thought-forming people left in this country. The kool-aid sippers absolutely astound me; they REFUSE to form any kind of opinion on their own or reach a logical conclusion using REASONING as the basis for their opinion. They always use “George Bush ran us into the ground” or “George Bush is stupid” or my personal favorite “CHANGE” for their rebuttals for any ABOMINATION campaign promise or policy. Seriously, interrogate them as to how they REASONED out their opinions and they will immediately attempt to discredit either ABOMINATION’s predecessor or his challenger.

Liberals just refuse to believe they can form opinions based on deductive reasoning.

I will give liberals this though; they were smart enough to understand the potential impact of the civil rights movement for the next 50 years. Republicans were indifferent towards the civil rights movement because we focused our energy on making this country run at its greatest efficiency(I still love the look on liberals faces when I mention the equity vs. efficiency argument). Democrats, at the time, couldn’t fathom making such complicated decisions so they went for plan B: support the civil rights movement and persuade minorities to join their cause.(How quickly did African Americans forget that the Southern proponents of slavery were THOROUGHLY Democrat). At the same time, mainstream media exploded onto the national scene along with a sense of the initial political correction required to popularize said media due to “new” ideas of civil liberties. Add it all up and what do we have? A media conglomerate bent on being politically correct rather reporting factual accounts and observable events without distortion.Here’s to rationality overtaking willful ignorance as the primary determinant of “qualified” candidates.

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