Monday, May 11, 2009

Barack Obama Laughs at Wanda Sykes's Dumb Jokes

What was President Barack Obama thinking when he laughed and smiled as the comedienne wished Rush Limbaugh dead? Although the Left is reporting her White House Correspondents' Dinner speech as "taking shots" at Limbaugh and mocking everyone, that's a gross misrepresentation of what turned into a hateful and disgusting diatribe.
What did you expect? A no-talent comedianne talking about wanting someone dead and a thug president who laughs at the joke! Is anyone surprised? I believe this administration is the scariest I've seen in my lifetime.


  1. He was busy making his own jokes about Cheney's marksmanship.

    These people know what they are doing, and they don't care. Can you imagine obama smiling when someone cracks a joke about his ties to rev. wright or that hippie terrorist? I can't.

  2. It is a disgusting display of a cult like following.

  3. I'm still trying to decide if he's a facist or a communist or both.

  4. Pathetic, Obama has no taste, I dignified, strong president (like Reagan), would not have taken light of wishing ill upon ANY American....

  5. I think it says a lot about the person who chose Wanda to be the comedienne for this event. And a chivalrous president would not have enjoyed himself at the expense of debasing others and wishing ill upon their very lives.

  6. This is really my issue. I could care less about her, she's an idiot. The thing that should scare us is Obama laughing and not appearing to be disturbed. I told my wife last night, he's a punk. Pure and simple.

  7. THUG PRESIDENT, indeed!!

    hmmm...Smug Thug...has a nice ring to it. Thanks Red.

    Punk...junk Punk...rings too, Chuck.

    Absolutely scary, Red. And the scariest part? the hilarity that rises up around his at the jokes...the fawning & slurping, drooling & 'slobbering' that follows him (in the media) wherever he goes, & no matter what he does. THAT's the scariest part. B/c whether he's a communist or fascist (as Ky Long says) really is of no consequence if he gets no support. Media support, drive & manipulation makes his position legitimate, turns his platform into a MACHINE.

  8. Pamela- Obama doesn't pick the comedian. The White House Correspondants Association does, which is a group of reporters. This is the same association that picked Stephen Colbert to roast Bush in 2006.

    I'd also like to note that George Bush laughed at those jokes too, even when Colbert started bashing everyone in his administration.

    President Bush also noted that during these comedy sketches and routines that "it is really important to be on the laughs in this job".

    The White House distanced itself from Sykes the next day.

  9. James' Muse said...
    This is the same association that picked Stephen Colbert to roast Bush in 2006.

    I'd also like to note that George Bush laughed at those jokes too, even when Colbert started bashing everyone in his administration

    Shall we also go back to Nixon. Isn't that your favorite topic?

  10. I love your blog and we do agree on every topic so that even makes it better.

  11. This President is a joke and a THUG. You hit the nail on the head. My question is, when will the sheeple wake up and see we have an imposter in the White House?

  12. ditto, everything you said. I didn't have time this week to post on this incident by itself. Thank you for saying what I would've said, Sister!

  13. James: I didn't say Obama picked Wanda. I said it reveals a lot about the person who DID pick her. Then I proceeded to comment on Obama. I also didn't say that Obama wasn't permitted to laugh. It's WHAT he laughed at: a joke that wished a fellow American dead. That was inappropriate.

  14. What was Obama thinking as he listened to that mean little bulldyke?

    Answer: He wasn't thinking, he was reacting to something he obviously liked. What a shame.

    BTW redhead, WHAT a picture! WOW!

  15. Hi Red~
    Been missing you lately. Everything okay? Hope you're well & happy!

  16. It is easy to understand Obama's reaction listening to Sykes' sick little diatribe, when one realizes just how deeply Obama's anger at America really runs. What I think is that his real anger is at his parents and family.

    Stop and think, his biological father was an alcoholic womanizer, and from all appearances, his mother was a 60's radical atheist bed hopper, who most likely filled his head with all kinds of hateful anti-American rhetoric. Lord only knows what kind of hate filled propaganda was drilled into his head when he was in the madras in Indonesia. Just look at the kinds of pukes he associated with in college and in Illinois. Just the way he treats folks, using them until he has bled them dry, then tossing them aside, shows that he has no deep emotional attachments to any one, and I highly doubt that he is even capable of forming any.

    Yes siree, the folks really out did themselves on this one when they elected this con artist.

    If we don't get his ass out of office now, this nation is finished.

  17. You are not Nice Americans i have met nice Americans and they ain't like you....

    And some were Gun carrying republicans

  18. Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

    You are not Nice Americans i have met nice Americans and they ain't like you....

    And some were Gun carrying republicans.

    Well your freaken Brit, get the hell out of here and don't bring your scrawny little ass back again.
    And by the way, when Britain need help again, next time Call on the Palestinians. Because we ain't gonna be home when you call.

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