Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who was aboard Air Force One as it re-enacted 9/11 to terrorize New Yorkers?

In the furor over the current Administration’s callous buzzing of lower Manhattan for a “photo op” that essentially re-enacted the path of the commandeered jetliners that killed so many 8 years ago (this time with fighter jets racing along in tow, making New Yorkers especially believe they were under attack again), various Freedom of Information Act requests have been filed by private citizens across the country demanding release of the photographs from the current president’s reckless, thoughtless, and deranged $350,000 “practical joke”.

What HASN’T been talked about anywhere that we can see is the question of exactly WHO was on board that plane as it raced through the skies over Manhattan.

It occurred to me a stunt like this would be an EXCELLENT reward for high-level donors to the current president’s campaign. What do you think?

My first gut reaction was that Obama was on the plane, or at least Biden. I haven’t yet seen or heard anyone come out and say that they weren’t, please correct me if I’m wrong. I’d love to know where they both were on that day.

Ok, here’s a second stab at this…this whole Swine Flu pandemic is a distraction, either from something that is happening now(either diplomatically or militarily) or something that already happened, like Obama on Air Force 1 (as AF1 is what was initially reported) doing a personal flyover of NYC. We all know that the MSM will bury any story that hurts Obama(never mind not even investigating one that has the potential) and they would equally try to manufacture a story to blow up as a smokescreen.

All I DO know is that story about it being a “photo op” was fishy from the start. F-16s aren’t camera planes. Updating stock photos? I’m sure someone in the White House has heard of PhotoShop.

And, yesterday, the most transparent administration evah(!) classified the photos. CIA memos are open to every Tom, Dick and Ahmed on the planet, but “updated” photos of Scare Force One are classified?

Another thought that I've been wondering about si that it was Michelle out shopping for new shoes.

Very fishy, indeed.


  1. I'm with you on the smoke screen theory. This whole swine flu pandemic scare is just that...a scare. I don't know anyone who is sick with the flu and I have family in five states. Only one person died from it and they were visiting from Mexico.

  2. It's always a diversion for something else, Red.

    I will reserve comments for the party of donkeys' yet to come.

  3. It must have been Michelle, NObama and the gaffe machine were out having a hamburger. Such a class act, those two.

  4. I am going to agree with the consensus here,that this is pure smoke and diversion from the Obama admin. This is just par for the course with liberals. You watch one hand for what they want you to see,while the other hand is picking your pocket or engaging in boondoggling.

  5. I blogged about this it a time (mostly tongue in cheek). But, you've given me some food for thought...