Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Obama we knew before, or didn't care!

If we choose to blame the press for not vetting Obama, then we ought to ask ourselves why “we the people” didn’t demand more. Either one of two answers is possible, and neither offers much hope for the future.

We either knew who and what Obama was and represents, or we simply didn’t care. We either looked deep into his past and saw a socialist/pacifist/delusional narcissist, who had no scruples and standards whatsoever and said “he’s the one”, or he simply made us feel good with the narcotic of “hope and change” and we just wanted a temporary high to relieve us the pains of our current existence.

It is impossible that any thinking person can honestly believe that borrowing/printing and spending upwards of 10 - 15 trillion dollars is anything but a major catastrophe in the making. Yet the public, save a relatively small cadre of tea party attendees, is inattentive, perhaps by choice.

That there was not national outrage over the bow to the Saudi king probably says more than anything else. There has never been, at least as far as I can recall, such a disgraceful, disgusting, and dishonorable act by a US president. By former presidents, yeah, Carter certainly has done his share, but not by a sitting president.


  1. I am constantly impressed by the amount of people who do GET it. There are more of us than I thought. Great post.

  2. Excellent post. The Saudi King thing was just...oh, don't get me started. (That's what my blog's for.)

    Okay, so thanks for the follow. I'm with KOOK - I love that your blog celebrates red-heads! All 3 of my children & my husband are rea-heads! (If you look @ my profile pic. you can see part of my husband's head over my right ear...)

  3. Oh, & I'll be one of the relatively small cadre of folks who're going to a tea party on 4-15. Maybe KOOK & I know some of the same people...?

    Keep up the good work, Red Sis!

  4. No, Conservative America was on all of the problems in your post, but with a media on 'the one's' side, it wasn't worth much...
    Who didn't get outraged over the King's bow? The left. Robt Gibb said "that was a week ago..." as if character doesn't count, timely news is all that matters. I think that said a LOT. OH, he said that AFTER the video showing obama clearly did deeply bow...but, what OUR EYES see didn't fit their agenda, so WE ARE STUPID AND BLIND. IMAGINE the media had Bush done this? Remember when he took the King's hand to help him over a rough stony path? OH, they got him! This man obama knee-jerkedly practically hits the deck, and barely a mention.

    WE saw through Obama crystal clear...the media, again, overpowered and...see what we got? Sure does FEEL like nobody was watching....but with a media as effective and dishonest as ours, it wouldn't matter much what the Right did.
    if friendship with Bill Ayers and Wright doesn't wake people up, that's scary. And, a lot of lefties still hadn't HEARD of Ayers after they voted!

    Good post... I can't imagine what it will take for people like us to start demanding an honest media; or how one does that!
    welcome to blogging!