Thursday, April 30, 2009

Those hate mongers that poison our blogging community with their agendas.

Beware of this new disease spreading through our blogging community. The infections that they spread is as dangerous to our blogging community as the Swine Flue. In fact some of these hateful people can be described as "Swine". Signs of this new infection can be noticed throughout the blogisphere, and most visible and most notably done to the Conservative/Republican bloggers. The disappearance of anyone with basic common sense, integrity, and morals has been replaced by some type of lower form of life called the " Anonymous Blogger" or the blogger with no blog at all but only a name. For example a name called "Lynne" or "Me" or "IMHO". Left behind is some type of lower life form, with only a vague recollection of what it was like to once have a conscience.
These venomous infected people sit behind their keyboard just looking to make trouble for any Conservative/Republican bloggers. Most are vicious outright lies, ridiculous accusations, and false allegations.. Case in point the recent attact on a most liked and excellect Female blogger who's only crime was/is being a Conservative/Republican blogger. By deliberately spreading lies, and venomous rhetoric and targeting whoever they wish to dispose of.
The technical name of this disease -“The Anonymous Blogger.”
Most use multiple screen names, or just take the easy way and post as "Anonymous"

Their Goal is to spread as many vicious outright lies, ridiculous accusations, and false allegations, as they can, in hopes that if they fling enough of it out there, some of it may stick. It’s a sick and twisted game, by sick and twisted people. Most of these sick and twisted people are of the Liberal persuasion.
There are a small group of screen names like "Just Me", “IMHO”, Truth seekers”, “letmesaythis”, and some new sock puppets, (sock puppets are when one person creates multiple screen names) “Lynne”. How many people this group represents, is unknown. The group is being fueled by a Liberal bunch.

This group has an axe to grind with anyone that does not fit into their agenda. Why? These bloggers are not happy enough to only write about their cause, but they must try to downgrade everyone else by ruining his reputation.

WARNING- if this group of hate-mongers are successful, who will be their next target? YOU? It would be unwise to underestimate the capability of people who are focused on furthering a specific agenda. They are anti law, anti talk radio, anti anyone who maybe pro-life, and pro drugs.
These hate mongers also have legitimate blogs.


  1. My guess is a lot of them be unemployed.

  2. Red, check out my post from yesterday on lynne. Pretty good comparing it to a pandemic.

    I'm with Z on this, many are probably unemployed.

  3. This comes from a void of ideas. The left really doesn't have answers and have not for quite awhile. Their only electoral success in the last 40 years or so has been at the expense of attacking the GOP. Their only rationale for existing right now is that they are not the right. Thus the organized attacks from the left. Need proof? Look to see if this is being done on a wide scale by people from the right.

    This combined with a lack of a moral compass equals this kind of behavior.

  4. What do you expect? Last night, on [prime-time TV, BO (the pres. not the dog) took a low swipe at the people who participated in hundreds of Tea Parties across the nation on April 15th.

  5. Yeah, that obama attack on Fox News and the tea parties tells you alot about what he thinks leadership means.

  6. First he goes after Rush and now FOX like aren't there more pressing matters to deal with right now? How petty!! Now there were probably more jokes about Bill Clinton than anybody but I don't recall him saying "Jay and Dave are picking on me." I never thought I'd say this but Clinton looks a little better each day that Obama serves.

  7. Oh, you mean the average DailyKos or Huffington Post blogger,gotcha.

  8. You guys are all on target..Pit you are right about Lynne, I did see your blog.. I remember that lynn also, what a SOB she is/was whatever.

  9. Do you want some cheese with that whine?

  10. Gee, Lynne and IMHO post on my blog but they claim really rightwing stuff there....

    The of course there is "Beth" and "Pro-life" who are one and the same...

  11. Redhead - I've come across a lot of the 'anonymous' leftie types, especially on the heavily trafficked blogs. I've yet to be infected by them on mine so far.

  12. Pit bull, why don't you take a trip to Mexico!

  13. Lynne, I just chastised you on the Swash Zone. And if I'm not mistaken you were on my post...the one that got all confusing. You don't have a profile or a blog- I believe that constitutes a coward; especially since you NEVER contribute anything of any substance to the topic at hand. If you want to be taken seriously how about a REAL debate less the insults; which would make you appear more mature rather than a silly little child slinging mud.

  14. Bluepit~ "Yeah, that obama attack on Fox News and the tea parties tells you alot about what he thinks leadership means."

    Didn't he say something on election night about working extra hard to become everyone's president? Yep, real hard worker, That One.

  15. There are a few libs I enjoy some fun back and forth with, but far more seem to be of the type you describe above: sniveling malcontents who can't wrap their feeble minds around the idea that not everyone is submitting to the will of their almighty Obamessiah. It is important to remember that most of these people really do view Obama as a God-like figure; therefore, they are both threatened and infuriated by anyone who doesn't appear to be chugging the Kool Aid. KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT!!! This country (the REAL America, not Obama's nanny state dream) may be down, but it's not out.

  16. The poster Just Me, he's been around my blog alot, not lately but I wouldn't call him a troll or anything. He started appearing when I started a thread about psychedelic drugs and how I did a google search one day on the subject and to my surprise found universities in this country actually conducting studies that purport to show the benefits of LSD for instance. Since two times in my own life someone dosed me with acid without my knowledge I hold a very negative view of the drug and illegal drugs in general and so we went back and forth on that one for a while, me saying how weird the drug is and him taking the pro-psychedelic position. Then he chimed in on some other topics of mine but it was all good, made a few good contributions so dunno, I just like comments is all especially when my hitmeter is usually so meager.

  17. Lynne, I just saw your comment. LOL. I've got one-third of the Mexican nationals right here in San Antonio. Illegals and vacationing Mexicans.

    I was planning a trip to Monterrey, ME, but I will wait until they get things in order.

    Wishing I get sick and die? Lynne....I thought you cared about me.

  18. Susannah, yeah he did say he would be everyone's president, didn't he? Well, as we both know, he breaks promises to both sides all of the time.

  19. Hilarious to read the comments page... Matt Rose! Can't your keyboard type anything else? Silly liberal, thinking is for real people.

    Your remark, "These venomous, infected [love that!] people sit behind their keyboard just looking to make trouble for any Conservative/Republican bloggers," indicates these Lefties are paid to do this brown shirting. Someone remarked here they might be unemployed.
    Gnaw, probably not.
    My niece has red hair. I hope she grows up to be just like you.

  20. Excellent post Ms Red Head... these trolls spend all their time on popular conservative blogs and jump on every thread early and often with a bunch of snarky drivel.

    Steer the topic. Change the subject. Deflect and divert. It's sure hard to avoid the conclusion that there are organized efforts that attempt to hijack and control all internet debate to maintain momentum for The One as he rams-through an ultra-liberal agenda while also focused on 2010... and 2012. With this narcissist control-freak's interest in the internet, who would be surprised?

    Explains all the facsination with Palin and Jindal... if they're so silly and irrelevant, why the obsession?

    And it's not difficult to see why the Democrats might prefer to banter playfully about made-up GOP "scandals" and irrelevancies like Meghan McCain's latest irrelevancies than debate Obama's ongoing destruction of the country.

    They likely have assignments, like a crew on Politico, one on Topix, and solos attached to specific blogs... I've noticed this on mine and others.

    It's not like it's not obvious... why else would they spend so much time on a "con" blog... and try to dominate it? And they stick to DNC talking-points 99% of the time.

    Obama campaign manager David Plouffe has even admitted that there is such a web-based effort in support of Obama... he runs it... and it's funded by the DNC:

    "David Plouffe, who ran Obama's campaign, now runs "Organizing for America" out of the DNC. It uses the same Web-based tactics that won the presidency to mobilize public opinion behind Obama's initiatives."

    It is well known that this strategy involves trolls who attempt to disrupt any constructive debate on conservative boards. But employing such manipulation on blogs and message-boards serepticiously is really not clever, slick, or anything to be proud of... rather, it's underhanded, cowardly, and ethically dubious.

    If Obama's wisdom and moral supremacy are so self-evident, then what's up with all this thought-control and propaganda?