Friday, April 10, 2009

Somali pirates threaten to kill U.S. Captain

The a-hole Somali pirates holding an American ship captain held hostage have demanded a ransom for him - and threatened to kill him if they are attacked.The ransom demand came hours after Captain Richard Phillips tried to escape by leaping off the pirates' lifeboat and into the sea. But though Capt Phillips was within sight of the U.S. Navy destroyer he was quickly recaptured.
So maybe the FBI 'negotiators' should just tell the pirates that they will send the battleships in and level the entire coast of that gutter country if one hair on the Captains' head is damaged and if that doesn't work, then pick them off with sharpshooters firing in unison..
If this man dies it will be on Obama the Pantywaist's head. Shameful.. Get in some sharpshooters and do the right thing NOW!


  1. Here is something that the libs cannot refute:

    Obama is the Commander in Chief. Ultimately, he alone will be responsible for his indecisiveness. At any time he can tell them to destroy the boat.

  2. He could order Somalia to be nuked also. I'm a Lib but that doesn't mean I have to be a pansy. A johnboat with six armed guys 200 miles offshore is not just buddies going for a joyride. Blow em all up.

  3. This is what it's come to: four third world illiterates in a dingy in a standoff with the U.S. Navy. These guys know they have little to fear from the Obamessiah. Gee, wonder where they got that idea? Maybe it was him bowing to the Saudi King Abdullah, or the way he groveled around Europe for a week apologizing to everyone he saw….so many possibilites….

  4. Truth, YOU may want it (although I have my doubts) but HE, your king, doesn't want to do anything realistic about it.

  5. Give them the ransom, and safe passage back to their port, then blow them to smithereens.

  6. Grandma J said...

    Give them the ransom, and safe passage back to their port, then blow them to smithereens.


    The IDEA of four HUGE American ships now looking worse than dinghies in the water as these little muslim scrawny nothings really is a metaphor for American foreign policy today, isn't it?

    "We'll just WATCH, you go ahead and do what you have to do... " brother. Seems like that captain has more character and strength than the WH guys all put together...meanwhile, the world smiles..

  8. This should already be over with; were I your president, or even the CNO, or even the admiral in charge of the battle group, it would be.

    With Øbama in charge, I'm waiting for him to surrender the United States to pirate forces; in future operations, the pirates will be using our carrier battle groups.


  9. Back in 1992 I lost a good Army buddy,who was a Ranger serving win Mogadishu. While I've been out for over 15 years now,due to bad knees,it would please me to no end to get some pay back.

    As for Obama and this hostage situation,it's starting to remind me of Iran 1979 all over again. We had a idiot spineless president them too.

  10. Happy Easter to you and to all of my blogging friends.

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